Novitasphere is a free online portal that allows users to view and print electronic remittances and other documents via a secure website that Novitas Solutions provides. It is a free resource for providers, billing services, and clearinghouses.


In Novitasphere, the user can find out about the status of his or her appeal, as well as the result. You can also access account receivable details, such as recoupment, adjustment, collection amounts, and duplicate demand letters.

Electronic Data Interchange

The letters EDI stand for Electronic Data Interchange, a technically-educated way of saying that information is exchanged from one computer to another entirely electronically. Our company’s EDI stands for Efficient, Direct, and Intelligent.

We provide our customers with this kind of solution so that they are more efficient, direct, and intelligent in their daily business routine with Medicare.

Advantages Of Electronic Data Interchange

The benefits of electronic billing are numerous. Electronic billing provides the following benefits: 

  • With a 14-day payment floor for HIPAA-compliant claims, the bank has been able to increase cash flow and save time and money. Claims for HIPAA-compliant paper are not paid until 29 days after they reach us.
  • The security has been enhanced. Every electronic biller has a unique login ID and a submitter ID.
  • Customers of all EDI programs have access to PC-ACE, a HIPAA-compliant software program for Institutional (Part A) and Professional (Part B) claims.
  • Adaptability. The unlimited number of claims can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • (Part A Only) Direct Data Entry (DDE), Claim Status Inquiry, and Claim Correction through the Fiscal Intermediary Shared System (FISS).
  • The Novitasphere claims portal provides claims submission and ERA retrieval, among other time- and money-saving features.
  • The receipt of claim submission and acceptance into the processing system should be verified within 24 hours.
  • X12N 276/277 will allow you to verify the status of your claims.
  • It is possible to track claims by retrieving, printing, and reading all electronic reports available for a claim. Examples of electronic reports include:
  • Part A – The TA1 Interchange Acknowledgement, X12N 999 Implementation Acknowledgement, X12N 277CA Claims Acknowledgement, and X12N 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
  • Part B – The X12N 999 Implementation Acknowledgement, X12N 277CA Claims Acknowledgement, and X12N 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA).
  • There is the relative ease of use and support from the contractor available to help with EDI transactions.
  • The administrative and postage costs are lower.