Through the free Novitasphere web-based portal, users are able to access, view, and print electronic remittances via a secure website. A free, secure website for ISPs, billing services, and clearinghouses.


In addition to getting information about the status of appeals, including the outcome of the appeal, Novitasphere users can also receive account-related information, such as recoupment, adjustment, collection amounts, and duplicate demand letters.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What steps do I need to take to correct my charges when an adjustment has been made to an unpaid claim or a rejected line item in the fiscal intermediary shared system (FISS)?

The following steps should be taken:

  • Remove the revenue code by entering a “D”.
  • When you click the ‘home’ key, the cursor will move to the ‘0’ part of the “claim page” field.
  • If you press enter, the entire line will be deleted.
  • You should re-enter the corrected charges below the 0001 line. Press “home”, then “enter”; the revenue codes line(s) will be sorted by numeric sequence once you have filled in all the information.
  • Don’t forget to adjust your total charges if necessary.

How can I get a letter that indicates a patient’s benefits have been exhausted?

Generally, we do not issue benefit exhaust letters. The information on your remittance advice should clarify this point.

The EDI Enrollment form might be returned for various reasons.

One of the reasons why an EDI Enrollment form would be returned is due to many factors. Review the top return reasons on the EDI Enrollment form page for reasons why an EDI Enrollment form is likely to be returned and tips for avoiding returned forms. If you want to verify that the information on your form is correct, use the Form Status and Verification tool to request verification of fields.

When I submit my electronic file, how can I verify that it was accepted?

Obtain your electronic reports by logging into your account. You receive multiple reports from EDI Services in response to your electronic submissions. The Electronic Billing Guide includes information about electronic reports in Chapter 6.

Would there be any options if we fail to respond to an ADR within 45 days?

When you miss the timeframe to respond to an ADR, the claim is processed based on the information contained in the claim. If your claim has been denied, you may be able to appeal.